Wharfedale VR300 Speaker Package

the wharfedale VR300 Speaker Package is i think about the same as everyone elses that i really can’t complain the speakers puts out about more or less 100w per speaker each and the recommended amplifier to connect it up with is in the range 10 120w My finding is that these speakers has a very clear and solid sound and even at about 70 the volume it can take it still sounds very audible i mean that you don’t hear any distortion what so ever

The thing i liked most about the wharfedale VR300 package is the look of the speakers when i took of the grills it was a nice clean and  elegant look The package is also rated at 6 ohm for each speaker There are two speakers mounted in each one of the front speakers the one is for midrange and the other for bass you can actually say that the one for bass is like a small subwoofer These packages of wharfedale are more for watching movies on your big screen you can also hook it up with a amplifier to you computer and play a bit of games

The center and rear speakers are what makes the whole experience  come together with that surround sounding sound They are really something else but if you go to you local audio shop im sure they will let you have a listen to them yourself Then you can decide do you like them or not well its up to you i can’t complain Overall the wharfedale VR300  are very good

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