Audio interface

audio interface used with any device can be used to play audi the device can include different connections for playing a ound some devices include for example play music through a device with sound using the interface using the interface as a device to play sound can include sound to be played with a device the setting can have a different playing audio that can be used to play the sound through the device using the setting that can be used for playing the sound

Mp3 processing audio

mp3 audio processed through audio is done via the audio player the audio player can process the player with audio with the processed audio playing with the device used to play the the audio with a connected device using the player to play compatible audio through a device the player can process the audio efficiently with the device connected

Connecting a mp3 device

connecting a mp3 device to a software device can be used to play music with a device using a compatible player for play mp3 to a device using a software enabling a device to connect to a software can include playing the device through a mp3 player with a device connected the software can play a mp3 using the device as aplayer with a connected device compatible with a mp3 device

Audio mp3 player

audio mp3 player can be a mp3 player or a pc player that plays mp3 audio can contain different types of music that consists of different genres mp3 can be played from a usb and different types of data capable devices that can store mp3 audio played on mp3 devices can also be played on mobile devices audio mp3 player that players mp3 has features that

can enable the device to process the data of the mp3 and enable more functions on the mp3 device audio mp3 player has the ability to enable sound through the device processors and can create sound with enabling the processors for sound


What is a strobe light

A question many people ask me is what is a strobe light, well the answer is quite simple really a strobe light is a type of light that flashes on and off, the speed of the flashing can also be set you would see these lights in many night clubs .

Also these lights can be very dangerous because of it giving the illusion that turning or moving objects are standing still Let me give an example if you were to be stand by a turning fan it would appear that the fan would be standing still if in area of the strobe light but anyway these strobe lights are made up of xenon gas much different than normal globes or lights

this gas contained in the strobe light causes the light to swicth on and off much faster than any other lights and it reaches much higher voltages Strobes are also know to cause seizures but those are very rare cases.I have recently bought a strobe light just for the fun of it and have used it at few parties and people just love it

V Moda Crossfade M 80 Review

These headsets are what the audio fanatics call a masterpiece these sets have all the latest technology built in and it is twice smaller than other competitors With in the v-moda are 40mm dual diaphragm drivers that would make it the biggest drivers in its class

The eq is at a amazing 31 band which the frequencies were mastered by musicians to a certain curve These earphones would definitely be worth looking into if you are a music fanatic dj or even a music producer they go for about more or less 2000 Rand converted from dollars

Rockus 3D Speaker System Review

These speakers are 3d dont know what that means you get 3d tv but never heard of 3d audio i asume its more like virtual surround sound built into alot of audio equiptment today

The speaker can be turned into normal music mode and to 3d

there is really not allot to be said about this but if you want to test out the 3d you will have to buy it yourself What i can say about the looks is that it looks very well designed and that the subwoofer looks solid

The front speakers are reasonable size but don’t expect it to be that loud

These speakers would not be for a type of person that are into those big sound systems these would be more for the average guy listening to music and watching movies in front of his desktop computer

Numark iDJ Live

Newest DJ equiptment around the Numark iDJ Live i would not mind having one of these myself you dont even have to carry around your vinyl collection music is all stored digitally like on your iphone or ipod this product is very portable in other words

The whole system is operated by a iOS that will let you do all kinds of stuff like mixing, cue browse tracks and of course scratching You also have the crossfader in the middel so if you want to be a DJ or are a DJ you will love this piece of hardware and dont think that this equipment is yet available so you will have to order it from some sort of online dealer

Vertical Turntable

Latest turntable is all about it being vertical instead of lying flat on the surface so that means you would be able to hang it on your wall and would save you space on your table or desk and what is nice is that it runs on batteries

You would not be able to DJ with these turntables but listen to you good old favorite records or these days you get even the latest music on vinyl that would only be of interest to DJs but anyone can buy them So if you are into collecting things the would be on top of the list

What is Car audio Competitions about

You get a lot of high power car audio system in cars these days you would have never seen this in the old days maybe because they were not available that time and maybe because you would get police coming to your door every second or people maybe thought hey that would not benefit me well car audio dont benefit you accept if you are into competitions So the fact of the matter is that car audio is becoming very popular and if you don’t have a high power audio system in your car I would recommend getting one because it makes the sound so much more enjoyable although if you are not that into high power sound systems I would recommend just upgrading your standard sound system to something a bit more powerful you won’t regret it

Well I want to come back to sound competitions these competitions are popular over the world but are most popular in the U S because of the high and wide range of availability of products over there Im not saying that its not available anywhere else obviously its just that prices are quite lower in the US than in the rest of the world Anyway these competitions exist out of people competing with each other with their car sound systems and these are definitely not ordinary systems they are very high powered Im talking about in the tens of thousands of watts RMS and there are some that reach high over 150 decibels that is louder than a Boing taking off Some of these cars or even trucks consist of maybe close to 20 subwoofers Definitely not going to climb in that car 20 would maybe fit in kombi but not a car So what happens is that when these car sound system are played at full load you wont be able to sit in the car or truck I mean you can but you will be sorry you ever did that because the sound pressure would be so high that it will and I mean WILL burst your eardrums so I would not recommend getting into one of these sound cars while its playing at full load

There are prizes to be won for the car with the loudest system sometimes it can be something like an amplifier or a sub while it can also be money though it would not be much Main reason for these gatherings are for people just to show off their sound and sometimes also their car truck kombi or whatever it might be and also just to enjoy the day with family and friends



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